About Gabriel’s Traffic School

Family business since 1994

Gabriel’s Traffic School has been run by the same family since 1994. Father, mother and two sons. For 25 years we have helped thousands to take the driver’s license in Sweden through good education and service you can trust. Jacob and Marin started the traffic school in Västerås in 1994 and took it to Stockholm in 1998. The sons Oscar & Allan have since become involved in the family business and have taken the traffic school into the rapid progress of technology.


Gabriel’s Traffic School is the creators behind the incredibly popular korkortssidan.se where you can study the driver’s license book, driver’s license questions and step by step 100% free. In December 2019, after only 1 year, the website has over 10,000 members. Gabriel’s Traffic School has done this to give more people the opportunity to take a driving license regardless of the conditions.

Driving license audio book

Gabriel’s traffic school is the creator of the incredible success of the Driving license audio book. You can listen to all 42 chapters for free on Spotify or where podds are located. In December 2019, it had 40,000 listeners a month. Start listening you to. It’s available in Swedish, English and Arabic.


"Vår vison är att alla oavsett plånbok eller bakgrund ska ha möjlighet att ta körkort"

– Oscar Y. Marklund