Plan, book & study online.

Elevcentralen is included for all our students who buy an intensive course or who bought theory online. Through the student center you can not only study the driver’s license theory you also get a complete control over your driver’s education.

Plan, book & cancel

When Gabriel’s Traffic School makes a plan for you, you see the schedule at There you can book new driving lessons, change driving lessons and of course cancel driving lessons. You can do this either through the website or the app.

Complete driver’s license theory.

The driving license book, driving license questions, custom driving license questions, hundreds of films, lots of interactive exercises and audio support for a lot of material. Through the Elevcentralen you have a complete service for studying driver license theory.

Our traffic teachers are following your development.

All of our teachers have an iPad where they educate you according to your goals, planning and educational plan. Our traffic teachers constantly record your progress. You can see this development through the Elevcentralen so that you can see how you progress with the exercise run.

More features in

Below you can read about more functions in


Compete in driving questions with other students around Sweden.

Thousands of driver's license questions

Thousands of driving license questions. Study all the driving license issues you need.


See statistics on how you have studied and what you need to improve.


The Elevcentralen contains lots of films to clearly illustrate the driver’s license theory.


You can discuss driving questions with other drivers in Sweden.

Interactive content

The driver’s license theory has interactive content that makes the theory more fun.

Buy driving lessons

You can buy more driving lessons directly from the Elevcentralen to replenish the balance.

Book / Cancel

Book or cancel driving lessons directly from


The student center is also available as an app called Körkort nu.