How to take a driving license?

1. Driver's permit (eye test)

Before you can start practice driving, you need a driver’s permit (körkortstillstånd). You can apply online at the Swedish Transport Agency here. In order for the Swedish Transport Agency to process your application, you also need to supplement with a eye test. You can do this at Gabriel’s Traffic School for SEK 200. Call us on 08 – 580 310 10 to make an appointment. If you have a digital mailbox and you have no health problems, you will get the permit within 1-3 working days. Otherwise, it may take several weeks.

2. Introduction course

If you want to practice driving privately, you as a student and your supervisor need to attend a introduction course. The course is performed on one occasion and lasts for about 3.5 hours. After that, it is valid for 5 years. Once you have completed the course, you also need to apply for the supervisorship (handledarskap). You do this here. Book the introduction course at Gabriel’s Traffic School here.

3. Risk course 1 "Riskettan"

Risk course consists of 2 parts and is compulsory for driving licenses. You do the the risk course 1 at the traffic school and last for about 3.5 hours. You do not need any prior knowledge, but there is a requirement that you participate in the discussions. During the risk course 1, we talk about risky behavior in traffic such as alcohol, drugs and fatigue.

4. Risk course 2 "risktvåan"

During the risk course 2, you will experience risky situations when driving a car. You will be exposed to driving under slippery road conditions at different speeds and situations.

5. Theory test "teoriprov"

In the theory test you must show your theoretical knowledge for the Swedish Transport Administration. The theory test consists of 70 questions and you can get a maximum of 65 right because 5 randomly selected questions are removed from the test result.

6. Driving test "uppkörning"

The last step for taking a driving license is to do the driving at the Swedish Transport Administration. Here you will be able to show your practical knowledge for a random inspector at the Swedish Transport Administration. The driving test starts with you being able to do a safety check. Then you have to drive for at least 25 minutes, both in city traffic and road traffic. Once you have passed both the theory test and the driving test, you have taken a driving license. Your physical driving license will be sent to you after about 5 working days.