Introduction course in Jakobsberg

If you want to practice driving in private, we offer introduction courses at our traffic school in Jakobsberg.
Located 17 min from Stockholm Central Station you will find us exactly at the opposite side of Jakobsberg commuter train station.

Introduction Course

900 SEK

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– The course takes 3.5 hours
– Student & teacher should take the course
– The course is valid for 5 years

Tip! Practice privately what you learn from us at the traffic school. Then you practice at stuff you get stuck on with you private teacher and save time and money when you drive with our driving teachers.
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Frequently Asked Questions about introduction course in Jakobsberg

Below we answer common questions about supervisor training in Jakobsberg.

Do supervisor & pupils need to attend introduction course?

Yes. Both supervisors and student must have completed the course in order for you to apply to be each other’s supervisor and student.

Do you have to attend the introduction course together?

Pupil and supervisor do not need to attend the supervisor training together, but both must have completed the course.

How long is the introduction course?

Introduction course is conducted at one time and lasts for about 3 hours.

What are the requirements for the supervisor?

The supervisor must have reached the age of 24 and have a driving license from Sweden or another EEA country for 5 years. Supervisors and pupils must have attended supervisor training for the past 5 years. The student must also have a driver’s license.

Do you get to practice driving right after you have completed the introduction course?

No. You must apply to be a supervisor and student at the Swedish Transport Agency. Once you have received an approved certificate of supervision from the Swedish Transport Agency, you can start training together.

How do I prepare for the supervisor training?

All participants must include an approved ID. If you want to win time, it is good if you apply for the supervisorship before you go for the training.