Terms & Conditions

Below you can read about the terms of purchase at Gabriel’s Traffic School
Terms cancellation Policy Cancellation of a driving lesson must be done no later than the working day before the driving lesson before 12:00. Cancellation must only be done via elevcentralen.se, telephone (not answering machine) or at the traffic school. If a driving lesson is canceled too late the full price for the driving lesson will be charged. If a student cancels very repeatedly we reserve the right to cancel the student’s education. Cancellation of intensive course and 10 driving lessons or more must be announced no later than 14 working days before the start of the course. In case of late cancellation of the course, 50% of the cost of the course / driving lessons will be charged. Disease In case of illness, medical certificates must be presented so that a missing driving lesson should not be charged. We only accept certificates from a doctor or medical institution. Payment Advance payment is valid at Gabriel’s Traffic School. This means that driving lessons and all other services from Gabriel’s Traffic School must be paid before the service is implemented. Payment is by card, swish, part payment or via e-commerce. Period of validity Purchases must be consumed within 6 months from the date of purchase. Test Fees Test fees from the Swedish Transport Administration are not included in any of our packages or offers. Personal and contact information You as a student are responsible for ensuring that your contact information is correct. Should we at the reception desk have written the wrong contact details when you signed up or you would change your contact details, you are still responsible for the correct information. This applies to your address, telephone number and e-mail. Open purchase & exchange right Gabriel’s traffic school does not have open purchases (öppet köp) for its services and products. Right of withdrawal E-commerce You are entitled to a 14-day right of withdrawal from the time you have received an item delivered to you. This is stated in the Distance and Home Sales Act (2005: 59). The right of withdrawal in distance contracts does not apply if: The service has begun during the repeal period The product cannot be undone if it is in poor condition or if it is old that the value has been reduced. Please note that the right of withdrawal applies only to purchases via E-commerce and not on site at Gabriel’s Traffic School. Contract Changes When we change the agreement you will be notified of this. In this case, you need to accept the terms again even if you have done so before. Please read the terms carefully to be aware of the changes. deviations We reserve the right because the conditions may be different in connection with price changes, promotions, realizations or change of packages. § FORCE MAJEURE Gabriel’s School of Traffic exempts itself from the contract’s obligations as things that are outside our power as external and extreme factors that we as a company could not anticipate or foresee and thus cannot perform our services and make a refund or stand for compensation from the customer. Fixed price Students who bought the fixed price package: you must have at least 3 driving lessons a week and a maximum of 6 driving lessons a week. The training should last between 4-8 weeks. The planning is that we first book 25 driving lessons and book more driving lessons as needed. Canceled driving lessons for late are charged the driving lesson with full price of SEK 1,390. Efficiency training and temp lessons Driving lessons in the packages efficiency training and temp lessons should be conducted every day. Monday Friday. Booking of tests The traffic school will book a driving test and theory test for you at the traffic school’s code. This means that you do the tests on the name of the traffic school. In order for us to book this, you need to follow the teacher’s recommendations for the number of driving lessons needed for you to be approved at all parts of the educational plan. Planning We are usually, depending on the season, fully booked 3-8 weeks ahead. After the initial planning of your driving lessons, you will get an estimate of whether your package will be sufficient to take the driving license. Should your estimation mean more driving lessons, you need to book these immediately to avoid interruptions in your education. If you choose not to do this, we cannot guarantee a continuity in your education.