Test lesson for SEK 599

The test lesson is 50 minutes. We check your knowledge level and give you advice on what you need. The offer is valid only in Stockholm City & not in Jakobsberg.

Make a booking request. We will return as soon as we can.

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Frequently asked questions about test lesson

Why take a test lesson?

With a test lesson we can make a better assessment of what you will need to take the driver’s license.

Why does the offer only apply in connection with purchases?

Test lesson is for you who are unsure of what you need or what package you should buy. Therefore, the test lesson applies to you who through the test lesson can make a better decision from the beginning.

Do I need to take a test lesson?

If you are brand new and have never driven a car before or done very little, you do not need to take a test lesson. Then we already know what you need the least. However, if you have some experience but do not really know where you are then a test lesson is good.

Can I book a test lesson to test my knowledge before my run-up?

No, the test lesson is intended for those who want to buy an intensive course. If you want to test your knowledge, you can book a regular driving lesson and we will help you.